Come Visit CBS!

The CBS is a wonderful place to experience the wonders of a Belizean Rainforest first hand. Guests can interact with nature and enjoy the hospitality of the local community in one of the most innovative and unique community-based ecotourist projects in Central America. The CBS promises a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the adventurous traveler and a unique and pleasant experience for the casual visitor. There are comfortable and welcoming places to stay right at the sanctuary and many opportunities for exciting tours of the surrounding rainforest, river, and wildlife. Tours range from casual nature walks to exciting nighttime crocodile expedition.

Come visit the Museum, a center for not only environmental education but a center of community activities. The Sanctuary is easy to visit. It’s less than an hour drive from Belize City. If you’re visiting Belize by car, it’s an easy and safe drive. If you don’t have a car, local tour operators in Belize City offer regular trips to the Sanctuary. You can camp at the Sanctuary with a small tent, you can stay with a community member in a local Bed and Breakfast, or you can stay in one of the local lodges. The Nature Lodge is adjacent to the Sanctuary museum.