Community Baboon Sanctuary Explored

by Channel 5 Belize News | February 2015

An interview with Conway Young, the Volunteer Administration Officer at CBS.

CBS Feature

by Green Living Project | December 2011

An innovative and unique grassroots project to protect the habitat for the endangered Black Howler Monkey while promoting community development.

Overview of the Community Baboon Sanctuary

by Babyleon | September 2011

A history and overview of the activities of the Community Baboon Sanctuary in Bermudian Landing, Belize. Jessie Young (Director/President) discusses the origin of the Sanctuary and its activities in the local community which benefit both residents and Howler Monkeys.

Howler Monkey Slideshow

by TripAdvisor | February 2011

Full Article:

CBOs and their Protected Areas

by APAMO | March 2016

The Importance of Protected Areas in Belize

by APAMO | July 2015